Walter Ferrero

Walter Ferrero was born in Cuneo in 1958. Already in the period of classic studies, he approaches the business world, gaining experience in various activities that, through sales training, leads him very young to managerial activities in an important company in Milan. A few years later he is already an entrepreneur and a manager of a company in the area of Crema.

In parallel, his interests range from philosophy to human and religious studies, steering him, within his own cultural tradition, to acquaintances and talks with theologians and Jesuits, enabling him to gain an outlined image of the cultured and contemplative aspect of Christian culture. In that period, along with the Bible studies, he experiments also some prayer techniques from Christian mysticism.

Travel and Encounters

Almost simultaneously, he begins to travel around the world and to deepen studies and interests related to the history and culture of different civilizations. He travels through the Middle and Far East, visiting and staying in North Africa, Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Iran, India, Cambodia, Thailand and Borneo, as well as in various locations in Brazil and the United States.

Repeatedly come into contact with the Arab tradition and the Islamic religion, to learn more about them, at the end of the seventies, Ferrero goes several times within three years in Cairo, where he studies at the local Islamic University, under the guidance of a Sufi master, who had been a counselor of the Egyptian President, Gamal Abd el-Nasser.

Studies and recognitions

Afterwards, in India, he deepens the study of yoga, in all its facets, to become an expert in Raja, Jnana and Tantra Yoga and to be recognized master. Simultaneously, he comes into contact with Soto Zen and he deepens its study, meeting finally, in 1979, Itsuo Tsuda, founder of the Regenerating Movement and student of Mº Taisen Deshimaru, Antaiji abbot and founder of the International Zen Association and of the first great Temple of the West, in France, at Blois.

During the Buddhist Studies, Ferrero also deepens the knowledge of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, to which he was started in 1982 by lama Namkhai Norbu Rimpoche, a professor of Tibetan and Mongolian Language and Literature at the Oriental University Institute of Naples, considered one of the main living masters of Tibetan Buddhism.

Common Roots and Comparisons

In the following years he deepens his interests. In that period, Ferrero thoroughly studies homeopathy and has the opportunity to collaborate several times with the eminent professor Ernest Bauer, Swiss doctor, acupuncturist and homeopath, considered a luminary in the field of fasting therapy and diet combined with homeopathic therapies. At the same time, he further specializes his studies of Indian and Buddhist philosophy without neglecting approaches to Taoism, Hermeticism, and the latest developments in psychology.

Very knowledgeable about the works of Giordano Bruno and the Renaissance thought, however Ferrero does not neglect the Western tradition and, comparing the various encountered cultures, he recognises a common vein, linked to the human need to provide adequate answers to the meaning of the existence, correlated with ethical principles, as well as with the transcendent. Even the modern society, apparently so distant from these concerns, shows itself deeply imbued with this need, most commonly transferred to a blind faith in science and technicality rather than a religious belief.

In fact, it is a need unchanged from the mists of time, within which the chronic lack of sufficiently satisfactory answers to a contemporary mind - poor of knowledge and overloaded with information - enhances discomfort, increasingly translated into neurosis, anxieties and fears.

Institute, Academy and Parsifal

For this reason, after more years of studies and encounters, in 1998, Ferrero founds the Institute for Human Harmonic Evolution, with the aim to create an independent space of investigation and experimentation, a free academy in which there is the possibility to study and learn arts, techniques, ideas and philosophies from all the traditions, from the ancient and the modern world (the Institute for Human Harmonic Evolution will turn, in 2012, into Horus Academy, from which he definitely resigned in September 2017).

In 1997, Ferrero had already founded Parsifal - still existing in Milan and Crema, - an association that operates in northern Italy, in its own locations and through other affiliated entities, and offers in the region the practical and continuous development of what is studied and deepened at the Academy mentioned above. At Parsifal you may find and practice every day the traditional disciplines such as Integral Yoga, Tai Chi Chuan and Zen meditation, along with the continuing proposals of meetings, seminars, conferences and lectures, initiatives all inspired to different cultures and traditions, particularly focused on the development and improvement of the human being.

Humantek and the business world

At the turn of the century, on the other hand, the world is quickly changing: the awareness of the centrality of the individual in the process of growth of the society as a whole is taking root even in the area of production and services, prompting the companies to invest in the development and growth of the quality standards of employees and management. In response to several requests for consultancy, Ferrero decides to found, in 2008, Humantek (, a company that is forefront in the field of management training, strategic consulting and executive coaching. The scenario thus becomes the enterprise, inextricably linked to the ability of its leadership to face innovation and change.

Through Humantek, Ferrero applies his competences in the coaching activity for some of the most important companies in Europe, coming into contact with the most sensitive and behind the times élite of entrepreneurship.


Next to the business, over the past twenty years, Ferrero does not neglect to nurture his passion for travelling, adding to new experiences in faraway places the organisation of expeditions, pilgrimages and sea crossings. Among these, several thematic routes in the East (in 2003, during a travel in India, he receives a recognition from the Venerable Kahawatte Siri Sumedha Thero, head of the Maha Bodhi Society and abbot of Mulaghandakuti Vihara, temple erected on the site where the Buddha preached for the first time. On that occasion, the Institute for Human Harmonic Evolution distinguishes itself by making a generous donation directed to the restoration of the roof of the sacred temple), the Camino de Santiago, motorbike tours in various parts of Europe, in Western Sahara and to the Shetland Islands, as well as an Atlantic crossing on a sailing boat, "on the route of Columbus" (watch the video).

He is also interested in photography, making various photo shoots while travelling; he also develops the knowledge of the "philosophy of living" and of materials, studying the principles and the history of architecture, especially deepening interior design. He designed several home environments. In the same years, he engages in the shooting discipline both dynamic and operational.

Simultaneously, since the nineties, Ferrero is very active as essay writer: he publishes more than twenty books, some under his own name, others in collaboration with other authors, as well as under the pseudonym of “Anonymous”.

Marta Residori

Marta Residori was born in Verona and obtained in 1987 a degree in clinical psychology at the Padua University. Soon after, she starts to work in Milan at the CGT Company, Caterpillar Dealer, managing recruitment. From that moment her Iter will follow in parallel two main directions: the continuation of studying and researching together with the work in the corporate world.

Business World

As already mentioned, Residori from 1990 to 1993 is Responsible for the selection and training at Caterpillar CGT, a worldwide company Leader in construction equipments, marine engines and generator sets.
In this context, Residori deals with recruitment and selection of personnel, analysis of training needs, definition of annual training plan, as well as planning and management of classroom courses specific to psychological behaviour.

As natural evolution of her interests, from 1993 to 1998 Residori becomes Human Resources Manager of Motorola S.p.A., an American electronics company. In particular, she deals with the activities of defining plans and policies related to recruitment, management, development, training and remuneration of human resources, for the branches in Italy and Greece.
She also follows the management and constant adjustment to business needs of quality and quantity of human resources , consistently with the business development objectives. She also defines the people development programs, in terms of training, mobility and career plans.

Considering her passion focusing on human resource training, Residori accepts, in 1998, the opportunity to create in Italy a detachment of Motorola University, School of International Education.

The new position of Business & Training Manager requires the business development and implementation of training programs, both for several Motorola business units and for the companies on the Italian market. This involves the sales and the development of training activities, as well as the classroom delivery sessions, on managerial and behavioural areas, with the coordination of a Team of dedicated resources.

Since 2001, Residori structures on her own a consultancy company, planning and delivering development courses in the field of managerial training. There are several themes developed and proposed by the company: Authoritative communication, Power & public speaking, Group Dynamics, Mechanisms in the dual relationship, Conflict Management, Leadership and employee management, Change management, Strategic thinking, Negotiation and strategy of persuasion, Mechanisms of learning and memory, Creativity, Problem Solving, Time management and planning, Stress management, Emotional and psychophysical resources management, and so on.

Research and Studies

Context to the activity in the business world, Residori does not interrupt the investigation in the psychological field and proceeds gradually enriching her education. She continues then the study and the deepening of the human mechanisms, attending the school of psychotherapy (Systemic and Sexology) in Florence, graduating there in 1992.

In 1994 she meets Walter Ferrero, with whom she begins a long and intense path of individual coaching. Afterwards there are travels in various parts of the world and different learning experiences, as well as an expansion of the research, now enriched with more historical and cultural facets of psychology and behaviours.

In 1998 Residori becomes member of the Institute for Human Harmonic Evolution (which will turn, in 2012, into the Horus Academy,, still operative association), putting more and more focus in her personal inner training program and approaching the study of Eastern philosophy, psycho-physical disciplines, Yoga and Meditation.

In 2013 she obtains the diploma of Parsifal Integral Yoga instructor (, integrating psychological and psychotherapeutic knowledge with the eastern psychological approach.


After the personal and the field experiences, in 2008 she founds with Ferrero Humantek (, a company that immediately is forefront in the field of executive coaching, management training and strategic consulting, proposing a method that puts into practice techniques borrowed from a tradition of ancient human education, using a modern and effective language.

Today Residori deals with executive coaching and human training in Companies. She works both in Italy and abroad, contributing to the development of business and people, participating in projects of change management and organizational development. She also conducts activities of life-coaching, supporting people in critical times and structuring paths for potential development.

Under the Humantek brand and with the Adea Editions Publishing House, Residori published several books.

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